Software Updates for the Bradley Pro P10 (BS1019)

Upon first receiving your Pro P10 smoker, check if a firmware update will be available. You will be strongly urged to update the firmware in order to make sure it works perfectly.

Please verify your software version following the steps below:

  • To verify the firmware version you currently have, make sure that the smoker ON/OFF switch at the back of the unit is on the OFF position.
  • Press and hold the rotary dial on the smoker panel for 3 seconds while you change the ON/OFF switch into ON position, and just release the rotary dial just after. 
  • The Smoker display will show the firmware version in the form of letter “ b” following with 3 digits  (for example “ b0xx ”)

When firmware version is displayed, all other buttons and functions are disabled. So to resume the normal operation, turn the smoker off, wait for 3 seconds and then turn it on regularly. 



If qualified for an update, please follow the FIRMWARE UPDATE procedures in operating manual, or below:

  1. Make sure the smoker is turned ON
  2. Insert the USB flash drive containing downloaded .bin file.
  3. Touch and hold recipe button for 3 seconds, buzzer will sound and smoker will read the flash drive. During this updating process, the display will show EEEE.
  4. When the update is complete, the smoker will restart automatically.
  5. After the smoker restarts, you can remove the flash drive.
  6. Insert the protective cover to the USB slot.
  7. To check the software version or confirm it has been installed, power OFF the smoker.
  8. Press and hold the rotary dial, while turning ON the main power switch at the back.
  9. The display will show the current software version. All the operations are disabled during this period.
  10. To start the smoker normally again power the smoker OFF for 3 seconds and then switch it back ON

*Note:  Do not power off the smoker during the update.

*Note: The USB port of the unit is designed for uploading recipes and updating the smoker software only.

DO NOT CONNECT TO ANY COMPUTERS OR SUPPLY POWER TO ANY DEVICES!  Doing so, may cause overload or malfunction of this product.